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  • New product-body--fitted vacuum packaging machine
  • Features of vacuum packing machine:

    Fasten the product between the rubber film and the bottom board (cardboard or bubble cloth), no matter the shape, size, single or collective combination, can be sealed in one time packaging molding, no need of mold, convenient, fast, efficient, practical.

    Effective promotion of product appearance value: transparent film adhere to the shape of the product will be fixed on the cardboard, three-dimensional strong, easy to view resolution and touch. Paperboard can be made fine printing to promote products, will greatly improve the value of the product and grade.

    Main technical parameters:

    Vacuum chamber size: L710X W 510X H 60mm

    electroheat: 6KW

     vacuum pump: 100cubic / min

    mechanical dimension: 950X950X950mm

    suitable film width: 750mm

     power source: 380V, 4PH, 50HZ

    Product protection:

    The product is completely fixed on the bottom plate, more effective anti-shock, anti-friction, anti-breakage, will not be damaged by handling, transportation products, especially for fragile or irregular products.

    Vacuum seal: moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, dust-proof, anti-scattered, can effectively protect product quality, extend the product life.


    1. Compared with absorbent packaging without mold making, greatly improve packaging efficiency and reduce packaging costs.

    2. Saving storage and transportation costs: more advanced than traditional packaging, can save packaging volume, reduce storage and transportation costs

    Enhancing the competitive edge of the market:

    This packaging method has been popular in the international market and greatly enhance the competitiveness of products in the market.

    Vacuum packaging machine uses vacuum film to seal the product between transparent vacuum film and chassis. Can maintain food, seafood, meat and other color, fragrance, freshness, vacuum packaging machine with special close packaging three-dimensional display and vacuum preservation protection.

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