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  • Maintenance and maintenance of beef saltwater injection machine
  •     The brine injection machine produced by double spring machinery is a kind of salted water injected into meat. It can make the meat tender and soft, improve the taste and yield of meat products. It has a wide range of application and adapts to beef, pork, duck chest, roast meat, ham and other food processing food enterprises.

        In order to prolong the service life of saltwater injection machine, attention should be paid to maintenance in the process of use. This paper introduces the maintenance and maintenance methods of brine injection machine:

    1. Add the specified lubricating oil (lithium grease) to the transmission parts before the salt water injection machine, and the clutch is regularly lubricated with edible oil to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

    2, after blending, pour the injection into the truck, then push the truck into the saline injection machine, then connect the water pump intake pipe.

    3. Turn on the power (the frequency conversion type to be displayed at 0: 00 by the keyboard), start the injection motor first, observe the transmission sequence of the needle and the chain, lift the needle first and then run the chain normally, then start the water pump, wait for the pump to supply liquid normally, The meat can be injected into a piece of meat.

    4. at the end of each work, replace the inside of the truck with clean water, clean the needle on the machine, check whether the pinhole is unblocked, flush the conveying chain, so as to remove the broken meat from the body of the brine injection machine and ensure that the inside of the body is clean, after cleaning, Please release the water from the inside of the truck and pump.

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