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  • The working principle of vacuum packing machine for marinated egg stretch film
  • The working principle of vacuum packing machine for marinated egg stretch film:

    1、Japanese Mitsubishi computer control, Japan Mitsubishi 10 inch large color touch screen, the control screen is push-pull type, Mitsubishi system controls high speed and high precision step speed, servo motor, imported chain, Japanese Mitsubishi computer temperature control module system, Intelligent heating function, accurate temperature control.

    2、Imported electrical appliances: the pneumatic part uses SMC pneumatic components of Japan, the original German imported environment-friendly drawing vacuum packaging machine has no pollution special large vacuum pump, the highest vacuum degree of vacuum pump reaches 0.1 mb, the United States Bonner photoelectric tracking system, can be used in color film, Make sure the pattern position is accurate.

    3.The machine adopts 20mm thickness strength alloy aluminum plate structure, through high precision gantry planer, gantry milling finishing.

    4.Forming, sealing using cylinder independent lifting self-locking system, combination sealing die, integral seal, sealing heating plate for a number of heating pipe mosaic type

    5.The crosscutting knife adopts sawtooth cutter, and the longitudinal cutting tool system adopts modularized design, which is simple and convenient, and has international level.

    6.Automatic brake drum system is used to replace the film. The equipment is equipped with the power phase deficiency, the reverse phase and the voltage is too high and too low, the electricity leakage, the mechanical periodic lubrication and so on warning protection system, is convenient for the operator to use the adjustment molding.

    7.Seal, cross knife, vertical knife part, all equipped with safety protection system, and equipped with a safety protection cover, automatic stop protection in case of failure and display on the computer the cause of failure and treatment methods. The configuration and performance of the whole machine are comparable to those of imported equipment.

    Working principle :

    After the bottom film is formed, the material to be packed is placed in the feeding area. Under the traction of the clip chain, the film is drawn into the vacuum chamber for vacuum and the upper and lower membranes are sealed. After drawing into the longitudinal and horizontal cutting area again, the packaging is finished.

    Scope of application:

    Packaging of cooked products, frozen products, grain, garlic rice, meat products, bean products, snack foods, frozen fresh meat, seafood and medical devices.

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