Technical news
  • Specific operation method of rolling vacuum packaging machine
  • The concrete operation method of rolling vacuum packing machine:

    1. Power up the whole machine and turn on the power switch

    2. Put the items in vacuum bag, then put them on the silica gel strip, press the seal with the pressure strip.

    3. Turn on the running switch

    4. The lid of the studio falls, then the vacuum pump pumps the vacuum chamber, and the vacuum degree is controlled by adjusting the pumping time to meet the different requirements for the vacuum degree of different items.

    5. By adjusting the heating time, the heat sealing can meet the different requirements of different bags.

    6. Cooling gas

    7. Studio lid rise

    8. Using electrical program to control the delivery system, the conveyor belt moves forward a working position, the product automatically falls into the frame or conveyor belt, complete a cycle

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