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  • Delivery of Shijiazhuang duck carton air conditioning vacuum packaging machine

  • Shijiazhuang duck box air conditioning vacuum packaging machine delivery, thanks to Jiang General Trust.


    1.This machine is suitable for box (bowl type) packaging of all kinds of products, automatic mixing of fresh gas (usually O _ 2N _ 2N _ 2 CO _ 2), automatic feeding, gas replacement in the product box, sealing packaging, cutting, automatic discharging of the finished product and so on.

    2. can complete the composite packaging film, ordinary packaging film, antifogging film and other different materials of packaging film and packaging box to seal packaging.

    3. the control part adopts a programmable controller to cooperate with the touch screen to realize human - machine interface dialogue , each part of the action and the control parameters can be set by the touch screen , modified , controlled conveniently and reliably , accurate and flexible , and the fault rate is low ;
    the whole process automation degree of the packaging is high , and the packaging yield is high .

    4.the parameters of gas replacement (air extraction, gas filling), temperature and time can be precisely controlled to ensure the accuracy of gas preservation in the product box and the ideal sealing effect.

    5.The mold can be customized according to the box style selected by the customer.

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