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  • 520 type full automatic tension vacuum packing machine
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  • 520 type full automatic tension vacuum packing machine

  • Main features:

    1. The whole machine control system adopts MITSUBISHI PLC touch screen control, which is intuitive and convenient.
    2. The positioning system is controlled by the Japanese MITSUBISHI servo system and the Bonner optical switch in the United States. It can achieve the fixed length of the film to the film and the photoelectric tracking operation of the color film, and the positioning is accurate and reliable. There is no need to worry about the selection of light film or color film.
    3. The vacuum system is imported from Germany as a vacuum source. The pumping rate is fast and the vacuum degree is very high.
    4, the replacement of the mold is simple. In addition to random molds, you can also customize it as needed, truly configured on demand.
    5, code or spray code is controlled by MITSUBISHI servo.
    6. The whole machine is made of aluminum magnesium alloy and SUS304 stainless steel.
    7, equipped with large flow waste film recovery system
    Working principle:
    The film chain is used to draw the bottom membrane. After the bottom film is formed, the packing materials are put into the feeding area, and the vacuum chamber is pulled into the vacuum chamber under the traction of the clip chain, and the upper and lower membranes are sealed and then pulled into the vertical and horizontal cutting area for split cutting, and the packaging is finished.
    Scope of application:

    Packaging for cooked products, frozen products, grains, garlic, meat, soy products, snack foods, frozen meat, seafood, medical devices, electronic components, etc.

    Type 520 Automatic Stretching Vacuum Packing Machine
    Voltage: Ac380 + 10%
    Frequency: 50HZ
    Power: Max.14kw
    Line diameter: Min.4mm2
    Pressure: more than 0.5Mpa
    Pipe diameter: Min.10mm2
    Appearance size: (long * width * height): 6300 x 1030 x 1950mm
    Lower membrane width: 422mm
    Upper membrane width: 390mm
    Studio size: 580 x 480mm
    Pumping rate: 160m3/h
    Vacuum degree: less than 0.5mbar

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