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  • V350 box pneumatic packing machine
  • Main features:
    1. artificial swinging box
    2. use text control to set time, temperature and exhaust time.
    3. use optical film or color film, which is selected according to the needs of users.
    4. automatic packaging and automatic cutting. Convenient and easy to operate.
    5. can be customized mold, 2.4.6 box made according to product size, can do round, square and so on.
    6. according to the packaging requirements of users, nitrogen or mixed gas can be supplied on the basis of vacuuming.
    Product introduction:
    The box vacuum packing machine is a new packaging technology. It is the new life of modern packaging technology. It solves the problem of the real air crash in the bowl and box products, and improves the shelf grade of the product. It can not only protect the quality, but also keep fresh, color and protect the product. Through the reasonable application of the filled gas (N2, O2, CO2 and so on), it can solve the problem of high temperature and high pressure, the quality deterioration of the vacuum packaging and the short shelf life of refrigerated food and frozen food, and the high cost of circulation.
    The cartridge vacuum packing machine has become an ideal packaging machine for modern boxed food packaging.
    1. Use:
    This machine is suitable for fresh poultry and livestock meat products, aquatic products, fresh fruits and vegetables, microwave conditioning products, frozen types, mushrooms, cooked food, pastries, pasta, pickles, pickles, tea, Chinese herbal medicine and so on. It is especially suitable for the processing and distribution centers of agricultural and sideline products, food processing plants, the rear of fresh agricultural and sideline products in supermarkets, fresh meat chain stores and fast food distribution centers.
    Two. Characteristics:
    This machine absorbs advanced international technology, selects parts and import control appliances carefully, and designs and processes them.
    (1) automatic control of each working cycle, easy operation and reliable operation.

    (2) vacuum packaging can be used separately, and the vacuum degree can be adjusted.

    (3) the seal can be used individually and the pressure can be adjusted.

    (4) it can realize vacuum - inflation - seal packaging, and the volume of inflation can be adjusted.

    (5) the machine is equipped with a vacuum chamber with high vacuum degree. The gas exchange is completed in the limit vacuum. The gas displacement is more than 99.98%, and there is almost no air residue.

    (6) using photoelectric control, optical film and color film can be used on the same machine.
    Three. The structural composition of the box vacuum packing machine
    The machine is composed of vacuum system, air charging system, electrical control system, electric appliance executive system, film cutting system, temperature control system, heat sealing film and release system, photoelectric control system and mould and so on.
    Four, the principle of the box vacuum packing machine: control the cylinder of the executive system through the electrical control system, complete the exit of the lower die and the mold, the die, the heat seal, the cutting and the step of the die.

    Our company is committed to the research and development of the box packing machine for several years. Experience and technology have reached the level of maturity. We can also provide quality equipment to meet the requirements of different production processes, reduce production costs and increase the added value of products according to the customer's product size processing.

    V350 box pneumatic packing machine
    Aerodynamic characteristics: adjustable
    Packaging speed: 400-800 boxes of /h
    Packaging specifications: 450 x 350 x 150mm
    Work gas source: 200LP:0.6-0.8MPa
    Working voltage: AC220V or 380V
    Appearance size: (long * width * height): 1450 x 1200 x 1650mm

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