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  • DZ-600/4S type four seal vacuum packing machine
  • Operation steps:<br /> 1, switch on the power supply: switch the power selection switch as required, that is, the power indicator light is on. The power selection switch points to vacuum for vacuum sealing, pointing to vacuum inflation for vacuum sealing.<br /> 2. Put the plastic bags containing the items in the vacuum chamber. The bags are neatly placed on the hot seals (for example, at least one nozzle should be inserted into the pocket).<br /> 3. Press down the lid, and the air (vacuum) indicator light on the panel is lit.<br /> 4, the vacuum pump starts to pump gas, the cover is automatically sucked, the vacuum knob can adjust the vacuum degree according to the packaging requirements. When adjusting, the visual scale is from low to high, the amplitude should be extinguished by the small air indicator light, the inflatable indicator light is bright to show the start of inflation. Inflatable knob can adjust the length of inflation time, that is, the amount of air charged. If there is no need to inflate, switch the power switch to the vacuum position. The program automatically enters the vacuum packaging and the inflation indicator lights go out.<br /> 5, when the air or air is finished, the indicator light goes out, the heat seal indicator is bright, that is, the sealing program is entered. The panel has the heat seal time and the temperature adjustment knob to adapt to the different thick and thin materials and adjust the time and temperature, the spinning range is small, the heat seal temperature is suddenly increased and the hot sealing accessories are burned.<br /> 6, when the heat seal time is set, the heat seal indicator is extinguished and the heat seal is closed, that is, the vacuum chamber enters the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the cover is lifted automatically. The vacuum packing process is all finished, and the next packaging cycle is prepared.<br /> Scope of application:<br /> It is suitable for all kinds of plastic composite film bags or aluminum foil composite film bags, which are packed in vacuum (inflatable) for various kinds of raw food, fruit, native products, medicinal materials, chemicals, precision instruments, clothing, hardware components, electronic components and other kinds of solids, powder objects and liquids.<br /> The function of vacuum packing:<br /> The products packed by vacuum packer have the functions of compression, gas resistance and freshness keeping. Vacuum packaging machine is not only suitable for food packaging, but also suitable for electronic products and vacuum packaging of semiconductor products. The vacuum packaging of electronic products can prevent static electricity, prevent oxidation and moisture-proof, so that the product can be preserved for a long time, but it will not cause damage due to external reasons; and such as clothing, quilt and so on can also be carried out. Vacuum packaging, such words can greatly reduce storage space, reduce the destruction of cockroaches and other damage, but also prevent mildew and moisture; if the food is packaged, not only can vacuum, for some food our vacuum packaging machine can also be inflated, such as nitrogen, such as water, such as water, can keep the fruit fresh. And colour and lustre.<br />
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