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  • ZBJ-80 chopper
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  • ZBJ-80 chopper
  • Chopper machine introduction:

    The cutting speed of the chopper, the speed of the pot, the clearance of the chopper and the turning pot have reached the best combination, which makes the chopping product finely finely, low temperature and short chopping time, especially because of emulsification, the fine density and elasticity of the intestinal products are greatly enhanced, and the emulsification effect, elasticity and fineness of the meat products are improved to the greatest extent.

    Chopping machine features:

    The chopper is chopped with the chopping knife at high speed, chopping the meat and the auxiliary materials into meat or meat mud, and it can also mix the excipients, ice, water with the meat or meat.

    With frequency conversion technology, the knife speed adjustment range is large, and it has the function of high efficiency and energy saving. The cutter speed, the pot speed, the clearance of chopping knife and chopper, the hardness design of the cutting tool material and the knife are most reasonable.

    To configure

    1. The machine is made of stainless steel. Its structure is compact, beautiful and easy to clean.

    2, the main components are processed by machining centers to ensure machining accuracy.

    3, blade sharp and durable, high-speed running smoothly, mixing material, emulsification effect is good.

    4, imported bearings are used; motor conforms to the European standard, and has strong anti overload capability.

    5, the speed up to 4500 turns, can greatly improve the emulsifying effect, make the product yield higher, and the effect is better.

    6, the gap between the tip and the chopper is less than 2mm.
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