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  • ZSJ-80 type full automatic brine injection machine
  • Vacuumize machine
  • Pulling vacuumize machine
  • Box vacuum packer
  • Tumbler
  • Chopper
  • Saline injection machine
  • Meatball forming machine
  • Germicidal pipeline
  • Meat grinder
  • Vacuum mixing machine

  • ZSJ-80 type full automatic brine injection machine
  • The saltwater injection machine can inject salted water and excipient mixture into the meat block, and then roll it through vacuum to make the material well pickled and permeate, loose the muscle tissue structure, which is beneficial to the myosin dissolution, and injecting the additive to the enhancement of the strength of the raw meat and the characteristics of the protein and so on. Aqueous solution can make meat tender and soft, thereby improving the yield of meat products and improving the tenderness and taste of meat products. According to the requirements of different processes, the best injection effect of the product can be achieved by adjusting the step speed, the step distance, the clearance of the meat plate and the injection pressure, and the pickling solution is injected into the product in a quantitative, uniform and continuous way.
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