• Zhucheng double spring Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is located in various cities with beautiful scenery, great people and a hundred national county (city) titles. It has developed traffic conditions, and its geographical position is very superior. Our company is a share-holding enterprise based on the original state-owned enterprises. The leading products are the first use of microcomputer technology and microelectronic technology in the country. The company has strong technical strength and complete equipment. The design, development and manufacturing capabilities are very strong. It is the Chinese packaging machinery bone dry enterprise.

    The company specializes in manufacturing and producing vacuum packaging machines, tensile membrane vacuum packaging machines, box vacuum packaging machines, chopper, rolling machine, brine injection machine, pasteurized pipeline and other food machinery. The DZL-420 full automatic tensile membrane vacuum packaging machine, DZL-1000 continuous automatic vacuum packaging machine, vacuum rolling machine, chopper, brine injection machine, etc. are all qualified products through the Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau.

    "Science and technology is the first productive force" is the starting point of the double spring company, the quality is the life of the enterprise, the user is assured that the satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, the user first, honest and trustworthy is our management policy. The company has after sale service department, with after-sales service hotline, equipped with a professional after-sales service team, and the dynamic management of it, 24 hours on duty, at any time to provide users with professional, omni-directional, high quality pre-sale, sale, after sale service. We send special food craftsmen to carry on the door guidance to the meat products, and the equipment has trouble phone notice. Then we send people to deal with it to the maximum satisfaction of the users!

    From the practical point of view, it is not a false name, no shouting slogans, and a close combination of services. It is really operating, making the user feel friendly, let the user feel that our commitment is not a blank word but practical. Yang Zhaochun, President and general manager, warmly welcome new and old customers to visit our company.


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