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  • Chopper
  • Saline injection machine
  • Meatball forming machine
  • Germicidal pipeline
  • Meat grinder
  • Vacuum mixing machine

  • 420 type full automatic tension vacuum packing machine

  • 420 type full automatic tensio
  • V350 box pneumatic packing machine

  • V350 box pneumatic packing mac
  • DZL-1000 rolling packer

  • DZL-1000 rolling packer
  • DZ-700/2S type four seal vacuum packing machine

  • DZ-700/2S type four seal vacuu
  • DZ-800/2S full automatic vacuum packing machine

  • DZ-800/2S full automatic vacuu
  • DZ-600/4S type four seal vacuum packing machine

  • DZ-600/4S type four seal vacuu
  • GR800-1500 vacuum roll machine

  • vacuum roll machine
  • ZBJ-80 chopper

  • ZBJ-80 chopper
  • ZSJ-80 type full automatic brine injection machine

  • ZSJ-80 type full automatic bri


  • Zhucheng double spring Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is located in various cities with beautiful scenery, great people and a hundred national county (city) titles. It has developed traffic conditions, and its geographical position is very superior. Our company is a share-holding enterprise based on the original state-owned enterprises. The leading products are the first use of microcomputer technology and microelectronic technology in the country. The company has strong technical strength and complete equipment. The design, development and manufacturing capabilities are very strong. It is the Chinese packaging machinery bone dry enterprise.

    The company specializes in manufacturing and producing vacuum packaging machines, tensile membrane vacuum packaging machines, box vacuum packaging machines, chopper, rolling machine, brine injection machine, pasteurized pipeline and other food machinery. The DZL-420 full automatic tensil ……
    Shuangchun Packaging Machinery


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